Semi Yapı, taking firm steps forward in the construction sector, builds living spaces with high standards with its qualified staff and we develop projects that add value to its location and its surroundings. We create long-term relationships and added value by combining our long-term knowledge and business experience with our strong technical infrastructure and producing advanced solutions.

    As one of the successful names in the construction sector with the principle of "we do it", it is our primary belief to produce structures that will serve humanity for generations and to achieve the best result by fulfilling all the projects we have done in quality, trouble-free and timely. We will continue to create new living spaces by preserving the understanding of work that we have built on the foundation of innovation with the strength we take from our past and partnerships.


    We build modern education buildings suitable for the needs and development of the time required for the growth of the new generation.

    As Semi Yapı, we are proud to realize many school and social facility projects on behalf of both individuals and the state. Aware of the contribution of every investment in education to our country and future generations, we have built a multi-use, safe schools and social facilities.


    We manufacture structures that will meet the needs of medium and large enterprises.

    The foundation of a good economy is to have an effective infrastructure formation. In order for countries to grow and develop, they must provide competitive production services safely and these services must be sustainable.

    We have provided sustainable development and economic opportunities to the employers and communities we serve with our important business centers & industrial buildings projects.


    Historical Building Restoration; It is the most important application in transferring ancient works to future generations. With our experience and knowledge, we provide services in the projects and applications of historical buildings. Since 2001, we have been continuing our architectural and static project and application works in the field of HISTORICAL BUILDINGS restoration with the excitement of the first day and the experience we have gained for many years.

    Historical buildings convey us the life styles of the time period they lived in, the family structure and even the characteristics of the people lived in these buildings.

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