Semi Yapı, which makes profit to its investors by working with experts in the field and growing day by day, continues to create sustainable trust environments. We build living spaces beyond expectations with an innovative approach that closely follows the developments in the world.

    We have adopted the principle of adding value not only to our own projects but also to the environment we are in, with the projects we have developed in city centers and locations close to the centers. We are working to create habitable residences instead of escaping from the city.


    With the Real Estate Project Development service, we evaluate the zoning plan, physical characteristics and economic possibilities on a land with a market-oriented approach, reveal the condition of the land and make constructions for the most suitable investment that can be made on that land. With this service, we ensure the development and comparison of projects where lands can be used most effectively and efficiently.

    It is very important to develop projects suitable for the region in order to create the supply for the demand arising from regional developments. Drawing attention to this importance, our company produces residences to live in for you by analyzing regional needs and making comprehensive analyzes for the most effective and efficient use of your land and real estate.


    We continue to serve our customers and business partners with our innovative architectural solutions that we realize our special designs. We do both project designs and project implementations in your architectural projects. Our job is not only to create aesthetically sophisticated spaces, but also to design places where people can be happy in their daily lives, escape from the stresses of the day, and spend happy and peaceful time.

    The work undertaken by our company starts with the analysis, research, sketching, study and design of the project and is carried out by solving all the details up to the smallest detail. The purpose of these services is not only to create an original architecture, but also to develop smart production methods and detail solutions with the right material selection to optimize customer investment.


    Our company operates in all areas of the construction industry. Our construction contracting services include undertaking every stage from the design of a building, its architectural-static projects to all kinds of manufacturing and assembly, from the foundation to the completion of every detail, to the delivery ready to use, and to deliver a solid, aesthetic and useful structure in accordance with the standards.

    With our technical structure that keeps up with the ever-increasing technology in the construction sector, we apply the facilities brought by technology in the best way in rough construction. With the pan slab formwork, industrial formwork, scaffolding systems we have in-house, we ensure that the rough construction is carried out and delivered in the most efficient and fastest way by paying great attention to the work safety.

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