There is experience and belief behind the best projects

Semi Yapı was established in 2001. As of the day it was founded, it has become a growing company with the aim of developing modern and innovative projects in the construction sector. It has made it a motto to work with well-equipped people who follow the technological developments in the sector on a world scale. Our company is committed to provide the highest level of contribution to the economy of Turey by creating a quality and reliability future.

Our company continues all its activities in real estate projects, construction contracting, architectural design and engineering services, turnkey construction fields with competent professionals by updating its technical and technological infrastructure. We are realizing mainly projects such as housing, factory, school, etc.

With years of experience, knowing "the desire of the city people to live together with natural life", we have implemented projects in various regions of Istanbul, each with a different architectural understanding, each offering a new lifestyle.

Semi Yapı, which has not compromised from the principles of pioneering, entrepreneurship, trust, stability and teamwork since its establishment, sees high customer satisfaction and social responsibility as its basic company principles. Aiming to lead the architectural, social and financial development of the locations where it is positioned with the projects it realizes, Semi Yapı continues to develop high value-added projects with the mission of leaving sustainable structures to future generations.

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